Knockoff Naomi

A few extra candidate commentaries for Minnesota. I'm no Kritzer, but I'll do what I can.


Lindsey Port (and Jim Carlson?), MN Senate

Lindsey Port for most of Burnsville.

(Maybe Jim Carlson over at the far eastern end by Eagan?)

Kaela Berg / Jess Hanson (and Liz Reyer?), MN House

I hope I got it. More or less, it's:

  1. Kaela Berg for most of Burnsville
  2. Jess Hanson in the northwest corner up by Savage
  3. (Maybe Liz Reyer over at the far eastern end by Eagan?)

Chris John and Kriystauhl Fitchett, Burnsville City Council

You get to vote 2 -- I'd choose "Chris and Kriys!"

Chris John clearly cares a lot about sick leave, pollution cleanup, cheaper broadband, etc. Chris does not seem to think much of the recent broadband-related policymaking of either of the two incumbents on the ballot for council.

Kriystauhl is all about infrastructure for the less fortunate and aging seniors, pollution cleanup, broadband, fire/EMS funding, funding to help people improve aging properties, etc.

(Personally, I’d stay away from anti-levy incumbent Dan Kealey – all 3 other candidates say it’s badly needed investment in the future, even one of the incumbents Chris takes issue with on broadband.)

Sources: Newspaper questionnaire, Chris questionnaire in the Chamber of Commerce.

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