Knockoff Naomi

A few extra candidate commentaries for Minnesota. I'm no Kritzer, but I'll do what I can.

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This is not a neutral source of election information. I'm just a human, trying to provide the same handy service that Naomi Kritzer has traditionally provided me, but hitting a handful elections that she probably won't get a chance to cover. I think our tastes in candidates are pretty similar, so if you don't like her opinions, don't be surprised if you don't like mine.

Minnesota is fabulously voter-friendly, even if you're unhoused, a student, or in another category that's often had a hard time voting (thanks, legislature and Secretary of State Steve Simon) -- see Minnesota's Elections and Voting web page to learn how.

MN ISD 2897 (St. Louis Park)

St. Louis Park: vote for up to 3 of 3 candidates, to fill 3 seats.

MN ISD 11 (Anoka-Hennepin)

Anoka-Hennepin: 3 separate subdistrict races, 1 vote each

MN ISD 196 (Eagan, Apple Valley, Rosemount)

Eagan - Apple Valley - Rosemount: vote for up to 3 of 16 candidates, to fill 3 seats.