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A few extra candidate commentaries for Minnesota. I'm no Kritzer, but I'll do what I can.

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This is not a neutral source of election information. I'm just a human, trying to provide the same handy service that Naomi Kritzer has traditionally provided me, but hitting a handful elections that she probably won't get a chance to cover. I think our tastes in candidates are pretty similar, so if you don't like her opinions, don't be surprised if you don't like mine.

When I read CBS News's "50 surprising things Americans actually agree on," I saw dreams and hopes from fellow Americans that I've also seen in the platforms of the candidates I've suggested.

The way we tackle the challenges our communities face is with love and with light. I believe all of my candidate suggestions are committed to building with love and light, and some of them are in very tight races -- against people who are so very "no" instead of so very "yes, and" -- where your vote could literally be the difference.

Minnesota is fabulously voter-friendly, even if you're unhoused, a student, or in another category that's often had a hard time voting (thanks, legislature and Secretary of State Steve Simon) -- see Minnesota's Elections and Voting web page to learn how.

Coming soon: about 60 Minnesota races

Read my research tips, in the meantime.

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(No promises I'll have time -- I might be busy doing voter outreach. But can't hurt, might help!)