Knockoff Naomi

A few extra candidate commentaries for Minnesota. I'm no Kritzer, but I'll do what I can.

ISD 283 Minnesota school board election candidates

According to the Sun, there are 3 incumbents' terms ending, two of whom filed to run again, and one who didn't ... and one newcomer who filed. That's it for the ISD 283 St. Louis Park school board.

I believe voting works like this: St. Louis Park school district residents will be able to mark up to 3 bubbles on this list of 3 candidates. The 3 candidates with the most total votes each will win. Not sure if there will be a write-in option.

(It seems it's a 7-person board with turnover for 3 at a time / 4 at a time?)

Lucky St. Louis Park -- it looks to me like these are 3 people I'd all be fine voting for.

Although this election seems uncontested, if you like the candidates, you should still take the time to vote for them. Off-year school board elections are low-participation enough that things can happen with people not on the ballot if there isn't a healthy turnout for people on the ballot.

Listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Anne Casey -- yes

Incumbent. She touts her work having helped bring new policies to SLP schools to advance better gender inclusion and to improve racial equity.

She's also proud of "a new policy review process to ensure that our policies align with our mission and core values," so I'm giggling just a bit at the possibility of this being one of those "commission to study whether a committee is needed" kinds of wonk situations, but I've got a real soft spot for wonks with their hearts in the right place, and it's not like this is a contested election anyway where she's up against someone with a different action style, so ... we're good to go!

Sources: Candidate website.

Abdihakim Arabow Ibrahim -- yes

I like him -- he's passionate about important issues like helping ESL speakers, discipline disparities, and having teachers reflect the makeup of the student body ... but he also seems to get his hands dirty and not just shout a lot about issues.

For example, he did the boring work of sitting on a St. Louis Park police advisory commission.

Source: Sun Sailor.

Mary K. Tomback -- yes

Incumbent; current chair.

She seems fine -- as with a lot of incumbents, not a lot of policy stances that stir the waters on her web site, but she was on a "Human Rights Commission" and did a bit of Legal Aid work, so -- she seems fine to me.

Source: Candidate website.